A Tour of a Duplex Villa: Embracing Mid-century Modern Design in Earth Tones

  • By Carlos Casa
A Tour of a Duplex Villa: Embracing Mid-century Modern Design in Earth Tones

The Earthy Canvas: Stucco Walls

Our journey begins with the walls, coated in a rich, earth-toned stucco finish.

This choice of color and texture lends a warm, organic feel to the space, grounding the room in an atmosphere of calm tranquility.

The stucco finish, with its subtle texture, adds depth and interest to the space, creating a beautiful backdrop for the furniture and decor.

Grounding Element: The Jute Rug

The floor is adorned with a jute rug, a natural element that enhances the earthy theme.

The rug's raw, textural quality adds a layer of tactile interest,

While its neutral hue allows it to blend effortlessly with the room's color palette.

The Central Attraction: Ivory Limestone Coffee Table

At the heart of the living area sits an ivory-colored limestone coffee table.

The table's sleek, minimalist design echoes the mid-century modern aesthetic,

while its light color provides a pleasing contrast to the earth tones surrounding it.

Iconic Seating: The Chandigarh Lounge Chair

Adding to the room's allure is the iconic Chandigarh Lounge Chair by Pierre Jeanneret.

Its teak wood structure, with clean lines and a timeless design, epitomizes mid-century modern style.

This chair doesn't just provide seating;

it serves as a statement piece, demonstrating the beauty of simplicity and function in design.

Dining in Style: Marcel Breuer's Upholstered Chairs

Adjacent to the living area, a long dining table stretches out, paired with Marcel Breuer's upholstered black faux leather chairs.

These chairs, with their sleek metal frames and comfortable upholstery, provide a modern, sophisticated touch.

They pay homage to Breuer's innovative use of materials and his commitment to comfort and functionality.

The Harmonious Ensemble: A Balance of Design and Function

In this duplex villa, each element has been carefully chosen and thoughtfully placed, creating a harmonious balance between design and functionality.

The earth-toned color palette, combined with the mid-century modern furniture, results in a space that is both stylish and inviting.

This is more than just a home;

it's a testament to the timeless appeal of mid-century modern design and the beauty of simplicity.


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